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CAP Partners with Food Pantry to Expand Reach

Submitted by katkinson on Fri, 01/25/2019 - 09:46

Water Into Wine Food Pantry, a ministry of Lakefront Church of God in Salyersville, Kentucky, has partnered with Christian Appalachian Project to expand services to meet the needs of families living in poverty in Magoffin County.

“The partnership with CAP has helped us increase the variety of goods we provide through the pantry and increase the number of items we have to give away,” said Val Inzer, director of the food pantry.

Both organizations gathered together to celebrate the partnership, which allows Christian Appalachian Project to support the local efforts of a program that has a similar mission.

“We are excited about the partnership and look forward to helping Water Into Wine extend the impact of the pantry and its ability to meet the needs of children, their families, and seniors living with food insecurity, ” said Anita Seals, vice president of CAP’s human service programs. “It had been a plan
for CAP to open another food pantry or partner with a local organization, and we are pleased to see this partnership move forward.”

Chuck Young, with God’s Pantry Food Bank in Lexington, made the connection after CAP asked him to help determine underserved areas in Eastern Kentucky. When Young reported that all of Magoffin County had only one food pantry, he suggested that CAP consider partnering with Water Into Wine, who served hundreds of families a month with limited resources.

“Our county is among the poorest counties in America,” Inzer said. “We have the highest unemployment rate in the state. Our church wanted to help, especially after the only food pantry was destroyed in the 2012 tornado.”

This partnership marks the first time that Christian Appalachian Project has expanded services by working with an existing program to support their efforts. CAP has provided the pantry with funding, volunteer and staff assistance to upgrade administrative processes, and help with renovations to existing facilities.

“CAP is pleased to partner with Water Into Wine. The pantry is staffed by very hardworking and dedicated volunteers from Lakefront Church and the community,” said Adams. “This partnership will help both organizations reach many more people with the resources needed to lessen the impact of food insecurity in Magoffin County.”