post thumbnail Volunteer Class of August 2015

                  This past week we had the privilege of commissioning new long and short-term volunteers along with celebrating the recommitment for a 2nd or 3rd year of service for several others.  This... [Read more]

post thumbnail Elderly Commodities at Grateful Bread Food Pantry

Take a look into an Elderly Commodities distribution day at CAP’s Grateful Bread Food Pantry in Rockcastle county. Last week’s distribution was a huge team effort between long-term volunteers Anne, Elizabeth and Carolina along with community... [Read more]

post thumbnail Long Term Volunteers Needed

We are still seeking compassionate, mission-driven individuals to be a part of our August 2015 long-term volunteer class. Prospective volunteers should be motivated by and ready to make a commitment to our three pillars – Service, Community and... [Read more]

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Volunteer Voices

post thumbnail Saturated Souls

It was a typical weekend trip born of spontaneity and a sense of adventure.  Never... 

post thumbnail Beauty for Ashes

  An elderly couple that I visit owned a store that had been in their family... 

post thumbnail Treating Others as Our Neighbor

I think there is a natural inclination in us to turn down the assistance of others,... 

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post thumbnail Summer of 2015

It has been months since I submitted a blog entry. While I am sorry for being so... 

post thumbnail A Life Worth Living

It was a night for stars.  Blinking, colorful, artificial ones and purposeful, steady, God-gifted... 

post thumbnail The Story Tellers

He stood there with his feet in the dead leaves and the mossy green undergrowth,... 

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