The CAP Volunteer Program and Christian Partners staff recruits and supports the hundreds of individual and group volunteers who serve with Christian Appalachian Project each year. Many of us are former volunteers ourselves, and we would love to answer any questions you may have about volunteer life.

Harold Underwood, Director
Amy Schill, ’03-’05, Assistant Director

Volunteer Recruitment and Admissions

Julianna O’Brien, ’11-’12, Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator
Kathy Kluesener, ’73-’80, Volunteer Admissions Coordinator
Brenda Thornton, Communications Assistant

Volunteer Life

Jimmy Owsley, ‘11-’13, Manager, Volunteer Life, Sandy Valley Region
Jenny King, ¬†’08-’10, Manager, Volunteer Life, Cumberland Valley Region
Thelma Moore, Specialist

Volunteer Groups/Mission Trips

Sally Ousley, Volunteer Groups Coordinator, Sandy Valley Region (primary contact for group scheduling)
Erin Cusick, ’11-’13, Volunteer Groups Coordinator, Cumberland Valley Region

WorkFest (alternative college spring break)

Erin Cusick, WorkFest Coordinator

YouthFest (alternative high school spring break)

Sally Ousley, YouthFest Coordinator

Community Volunteers and VISTA

Betsie Carroll, Alternative Volunteering Coordinator, AmeriCorps Program Director

Volunteer Alumni

Julianna O’Brien, ’11-’12, Volunteer Alumni Coordinator

Christian Partners (opportunities for your church, school, or business to partner with CAP)

Sr. Robbie Pentecost, Manager, Christian Partners
Vacant, Christian Partners Coordinator