Information and Requirements

Groups of any type (youth, adult, college, etc.) are accepted May-November each year. We also welcome college groups in March and high school groups in April. Contact Sally Ousley at or call (606) 285-0961 for more information or to schedule a date for your mission team.


  • We have opportunities for various group sizes. The minimum size is three people.


  • Youth participants ages 14 and older are accepted. One adult age 21 or older for every six youth age 17 and under is required. No particular skill level is required. What we look for in a volunteer is a willingness to come, serve, and be tired at the end of the day.


  • CAP is a Christian organization and expects all volunteers to respect CAP guidelines and conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner.
  • Group members will need to plan on leading a devotion/prayer time three evenings during the week and members must participate in the scheduled daily devotions and prayer gatherings.


  • You will need to provide your own transportation to Kentucky.
  • You will need to provide your own transportation to and from scheduled job sites. Groups may be divided into teams of seven. Therefore, every team of seven volunteers, or partial team of up to seven volunteers, will need their own vehicle to get to their individual team’s jobsite.


  • CAP makes all arrangements for accommodations from Sunday to Friday.
  • Your group may be staying in a groups facility or camp.
  • You will be sleeping on air mattresses, cots, or bunk beds. All groups need to bring sheets, pillows, towels, etc.
  • Showers or a shower trailer will be available.
  • Meals will be provided Monday morning through Friday morning.  Breakfast and supper will be served at the facility and you will pack a sack lunch to take to the job site.
  • CAP asks all group members to help out in any way possible with cooking and cleaning during your stay.

Participation fees

  • We are seeking groups who see their service as part of a larger partnership with CAP. As a part of this partnership, we ask for a $400/person participation fee, $50/person of which is due when the group leader submits the registration form. The remaining $350/person is due 45 days in advance of the week that your group is scheduled along with your paperwork.


  • Groups will need to arrive late Sunday afternoon. You will need to plan on eating prior to your arrival, as dinner is not provided that evening.
  • CAP will set an arrival time after you confirm dates for your group.


  • Groups depart on Friday morning; the exact time will be communicated by the Groups Coordinator before your arrival.
  • We ask that your group help clean the accommodations that have been used during the week.
  • We hope that you will leave tired but blessed from your week of service!


  • Housing: Work may include, but is not limited to, remodeling an existing home by repairing the floors and walls, hanging dry wall, replacing doors and windows, putting up vinyl siding, repairing roofs, or building a porch/handicap ramp; or assisting in the construction of new houses.
  • Elderly Services: Volunteers serve by doing minor home repairs, cleaning, painting, yard work, etc., for some of our participants who may have no other means to get repairs and cleaning done around their homes.
  • Maintenance: Groups may assist in needed repairs and maintenance to some of CAP’s facilities in order that we may better serve our participants here in Appalachia.
  • Although other opportunities may be available, our primary need is for groups to participate in the projects above.
  • Please notify us if anyone in your group has a particular skill or talent that they would be willing to use while here with us. We can’t guarantee that we would use them in that area, but would like to if the opportunity exists.

Individual Information

  • In order to provide appropriate accommodations, meals, and assignments for our projects, an official list of participant names and related information is due 45 days prior to arrival along with your payment.

Group Leader(s)

  • Leader(s) will be responsible for educating all participating group members about CAP, our expectations of volunteers, and our mission. This can be achieved by reviewing materials provided through the Groups program and the CAP website.