Disaster Relief Volunteering

In 2004, devastating floods destroyed communities in Eastern Kentucky. Christian Appalachian Project was quick to respond, and many volunteers and staff suspended their normal activities and spent weeks in the affected areas helping with clean-up and recovery. From that response, CAP’s Disaster Relief program was born. Today, we are a regional leader in disaster response, and our teams have assisted flood, tornado, and hurricane recovery efforts in Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, Missouri, New York, and West Virginia.

Disaster Relief has hundreds of responders from Kentucky and all over the country who are “on call” and ready to respond when we are forming a response team. In the event of a natural disaster, volunteers are alerted by email with instructions. There is no obligation to signing up as a Disaster Relief volunteer–if you are not able to join us for a response, we will alert you again next time. To join our team of responders, contact us at disasterrelief@chrisapp.org. No application is required prior to response.