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Community Volunteering

Community Volunteers are an invaluable part of CAP's Volunteer Program, providing consistency to CAP's human service programs over time, as well as much needed assistance during busier seasons. They serve with families preparing for a new school year and every year at Christmas. Community volunteering is an opportunity for local community members to volunteer a flexible number of hours. Whether an individual can serve for an hour each month, a few hours a week, or during special events through-out the year, the energy and heart that our Community Volunteers bring to CAP have a tremendous impact. Click here to apply!

Opportunities Include:

Jackson County

  • Monthly commodities distribution
  • Home Repair

McCreary County

  • Eagle Child and Family Development Center
  • Home Repair

Johnson County

  • Sorting in-kind donations
  • Home Repair
  • Clerical Duties

Rockcastle County

  • Picking up and sorting donations, organizing and restocking shelves
  • Sorting and organizing clothing and serving customers
  • Bus monitor, covering teachers breaks, assisting children with lunch, reading to children


  • Clerical Duties
  • Writing and editing
  • Photography

Floyd County

  • Home Repair