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Annual BuildUP Event Spreads Neighborly Love

Submitted by mmoreno on Mon, 05/20/2019 - 10:36

Who is a neighbor?

Is it someone who lives next door or down the street? Or is it a community of caring people who are willing to help out a person in need — even if they don’t know them?

No matter how you define neighbor, loving your neighbor as yourself is what Christian Appalachian Project’s annual BuildUP event is all about.

Meeting critical needs in Eastern Kentucky

"The neediest part of all Appalachia is Eastern Kentucky, and substantially so. Eastern Kentucky has more than double the distressed Appalachian counties of any of the other 12 Appalachian states," says Guy Adams, CAP President and CEO.

So every August, groups of volunteers give their all during this one-day service blitz — a home repair mission — that provides safe, warm, dry, and accessible housing for people in need.

No prior experience is necessary — only the hands to get the job done and the heart to make a difference.

Volunteers come from all the local counties and from as far away as Illinois and South Carolina. They provide their hard work, and CAP provides the meals, building materials, and jobsite leadership.

All in a day’s work

In a single day, 51 volunteers who donated 408 labor hours to BuildUP this year repaired seven homes in three counties. This annual event is uplifting, not only for the families whose homes are repaired, but also for the volunteers, church partners, and community members who give so willingly of themselves.

Even if you are unable to travel to Kentucky to volunteer, your generosity makes programs like BuildUP possible. You help spread Christ’s love through service in Appalachia. Thank you for being such a wonderful neighbor.

CAP’s BuildUP event brings volunteers together for single-day service blitz — a
home repair mission — that provides safe, warm, and dry homes for people in need.